Mjødbryggeriet Petersen & Sønner is a family driven meadery

Mjødbryggeriet Petersen & Sønner was established by Jørgen and his two sons Mikkel and Mads.

The meadery is based on love as the collective factor: Love for mead, love for raw products and the love for a family driven company to be the platform used to spend time with the people you care for.

The meadery started its development in the end of 2012 and obtained the physical premises mid 2013. The first production was primo 2014 and it is out hope that we will continue to produce for many years to come.
The meadery is placed in the village called Løve located in the Western part of Zealand, where the family has lived for the entire childhood of “the sons”.

Mjødbryggeriet Petersen & Sønner has not been an attempt to recreate a historic beverage. Rather it has been an attempt to prove that years of tradition have enabled them to provide a tasting experience that is unique and deserves a place in the food culture of today as well.