Mead is not a beer that savage Vikings guzzled before pillaging

In general, people think of mead as a beer drunk by savage vikings before they pillaged the nearby world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mead is a vinous beverage based on honey. The term honey wine might be more accurate. It has traditions in the entire world and was probably the first alcohol produced.

Unfortunately, mead is thought of as a historic product and people aren’t expecting it to have taken the same development through several thousand years, as with beer and wine.

The production of mead is entirely dependent on bees to collect honey. Therefore, Mjødbryggeriet tries to treat it with respect for the entire production process. By treating the honey as carefully as possible, all complex taste experiences are kept in the finished product. Furthermore, as the only Danish meadery, it is fermented and matured on oak casks. This is done to ensure optimal conditions for the yeast in the fermentation process, but also to ensure maturation to highlight the complex taste. No sulphites are added to stop the fermentation – only time does the job. No filtering is used as it diminishes the taste. Again, time is the answer and therefore a bottle of mead itakes more than a year from start of brewing to bottling.

This gives us a product that we are proud of. A product of high quality, produced with good Danish honey and exiting flavours from the Danish nature to the entire world.

By doing this we end up with a mead that combines the sweetness and taste of the honey with the edge of the alcohol and the notes of the spices. A beverage that can take on an almost unlimited amount of taste profiles depending on the honey (and the amount), yeast and spices used in the process.

The alcohol strength varies, but for us an abv around 15% gives a good profile balancing the warmth of the honey and the edge of the alcohol.

Perfect for a time of self-indulgences, for the dessert, cocktail or as part of the ingredients for a good meal.

The family Petersen