no. 2

MJÖD no. 2 is love, mead and winter in a bottle.

Type of mead: Metheglin

We have collected the warm spices of winter and combined them with the best local Danish honey. A warm mead for a cold time.
Perfect for a cozy time in front of the fire or in the candlelight.
Works well with cheese, Christmas sweets or dessert.

Spiced with star anise, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves. Fermented and matured on oak casks. Abv of 15%. Volume 70 cl.

Perfect in glasses that can collect the aromas from the mead, e.g. small cognac glasses.
Correct serving temperature is individual, but we prefer room temperature to enjoy the full body of the mead.

We are proud of the product!

The bottle can be kept months after opening without turning bad. As mead is a natural product based on honey small taste difference can be detected from year to year. Sediments can occur over time, but should be dispersed by shaking the bottle to obtain the fullest flavour.

Ice crystal motive by Roar Lerche