no. 5

no. 05 is our tribute to the elderberry

  • Silver medal at Konkursu Piw Rzemieślniczych (PL) 2017
  • 5/5 stars at Difford’s Guide 2018 – link
  • Silver medal at Berlin International Spirits Competition 2018
  • Silver medal at New York International Spirits Competition 2018
  • Gold medal at Stuttgart International Wine Festival 2018
  • Type of mead: Melomel

    The best local honey warm sweetness has been combined with biodynamic elderberries and lemon zest.
    A semi sweet mead with notes of berries and a full body. The perfect aperitif or for desserts based on dark berries or chocolate. It is a result that we are proud of!

    no. 05 is a drink to be enjoyed. Alone, in a good company or with the dessert. Do not let the situation restrict you as long as you have the longing for the golden drops. Perfect in glasses that can collect the aromas from the mead, e.g. small cognac glasses.
    Correct serving temperature is individual, but we prefer 10-12 oC.

    no. 05 is a semi sweet mead based on local Danish honey, elderberry and lemon zest and has an abv of 15%. Volume 70 cl.

    The bottle can be kept months after opening without turning bad. As mead is a natural product based on honey small taste difference can be detected from year to year. Sediments can occur over time, but should be dispersed by shaking the bottle to obtain the fullest flavour.

    Elderberry motive by Nynne Crüger