Mjødbryggeriet Petersen & Sønner has received a lot of help from several people that has really shown themselves as fantastic persons

We would like to reciprocate by letting the meadery work as the platform for different projects. If you have any in mind please let us know.

Special mead for Dragsholm Slot (Dragsholm Castle – Michelin restaurant)

In the Autumn of 2016 we collaborated with the good people of Dragsholm Slot. A semisweet mead made from local honey spiced with the wild mint that grows around the castle. A very good mead if we have to say so ourselves and made exclusively for Dragsholm Slot.
We are pleased with the collaboration.

Below is a list of people whom we feel need special thank you:

  • Friends of the meadery for challenging, believing and confirmation
  • Den Gale Brygger for sparring
  • Kimmie Tessa Hytting for the yearly work with web layout
  • Lawyer Finn Bruun for cosy talks and good work
  • Kasper Hansen for beautiful nights, creative thoughts, layout and wisdom.
  • Peter Søndergaard for his belief in us!
  • Nielsen & Nielsen for loving care towards Mor Karen
  • Krile for the superb work with both stone and wood
  • Dr. Denner, who as a Dr. Frankenstein brought life to this website
  • …and last but not least the fourth member of the family for the enormous amounts of love and good food!